Monday, 20 April 2015

And A Star Was Born...

Hi! And welcome to my new blog... I figured it was best I made up a blog for Northern Star Book Promotions and Tours. This is where you'll find all the updated information on new tours and promotions I am currently running for various different authors. 

My name is Rebecca, and I run Northern Star Book Promotions and Tours. As a blogger myself, and an adorer of all things fiction I love to promote out books and authors that I love! All the Authors and Books that I support and promote are books that I love and have a passion for. I will never falsely advertise books and genres I don’t like, pretending that I do.

Also as a blogger I know that some tour companies approach bloggers in more than the wrong way, so after getting annoyed with being approached by people who had never read my review requests, review policy or even bothered to read my name I decided to start my own! With a little encouragement from friends I decided to just go with it. So Northern Star Book Promotions and Tours was born.

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